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A unique learning experience, created in Rome

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    The only course of its kind currently available

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    TV host Dr Darius Arya, PhD, will take you through each module

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Chapters 1-3 now available!

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  • How many modules are there?

    This course currently contains 25 modules, featuring multiple sections, related content to enhance your learning experience, and quizzes.

  • What does this course cover?

    With an original and exclusive digital model of Rome this course explores Rome’s geology, history, building materials, the Forum, Imperial Fora, religious sites and practices, daily life, entertainment venues, and Ostia Antica!

  • Can I complete this course at my own pace?

    The course can be completed at whatever pace is best for you – once signed-up, you can progress through the modules at your leisure, and come back to them at any point.

  • Will I receive a certificate of participation?

    Yes, absolutely! All participants will receive a certificate of participation, confirming they have completed the course and its full itinerary.

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